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Alright, so it's kind of a throwaway update.

There's something uniqely hilarious about a math based webcomic, probably because there's nothing surprisingly clever about math. I mean, it's mathmatics. It's clever by it's very definition, wouldn't you say?

It looks like this is going to be another evening spent largely awake by myself, struggling to get anything accomplished. So I've decided that since I'm thinking about it, I might as well get something accomplished (yes, I'm still on about that. I haven't been the most religious about enforcing it, but I am still there.) Assuming I can find a decent, non-shitty RSS reader, I'm going to try and collect my ever-increasing blog roll into a more manageable format. LJ definitely isn't the best format for a "serious" blog, and this definitely is not a serious blog, but like someone else I know did, I'm sort of thinking of branching out into legitimate blogitude to keep me busy. Excluding the last couple of weeks, I think I've been pretty solid about updating this, especially considering 99% of the material is personal and not project-related, which isn't always conductive to constant entry production.

I've been meaning to bug another friend of mine about the sports blog idea he mentioned to me a little while ago. That seems like a really hot idea and he's just about the only person I know who'd follow through on a consistent blog.

Hold on, I think my pizza is nearly reheated.

Yeah, I can't eat leftovers cold. Anyway, I wouldn't say I have a rigidly defined plan for the evening, but it definitely should include something vaguely new or productive, up to and including doing some cleaning that I've been meaning to for the last several weeks. Really, I expected that I would spend most of my spring break time sleeping, but I had assembled a to-do list prior to this week that consisted of three or four things I considered essential to the week being a success. Clean up, get a haircut, do some shopping. Coupled with a long list of other "non-essential" things I'd like to do before Monday (have a party, have another party, listen to all the albums on my albums to listen to list, finish the four anime series I started, finish the webcomics I started, get my car running, do some drawing, etc etc etc) and the fact I've actually got a few "enrichment" checkmarks knocked off, as long as I can get those other three things done, I think I'll be satisfied.

You see, this is why I could never do the list thing. When I actually make a list, it demonstrates how I want to do fifteen thousand things at once in every different direction.

you got me on my knees
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