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Disc Read Error

I just had some cake. It was pretty good cake, I have to say. Feel free to make your own jokes here; I know there are potentially thousands of decent-to-good cake-related punchlines.

No, my computer didn't break again, I just haven't felt like writing anything related to a blog recently, as unusual as that honestly sounds. I suppose this is how most blogs end up going south, but here I am, paddling against the tide in an effort to avoid being swept out into the middle of the ocean to starve to death. On the bright side, I'm actually conscious of my predicament this time around. I think, for the most part, the fact that this week has given me virtually nothing to write home about and the long weekend has resulted in basically nothing I really wanted to do getting accomplished means I don't want to share any thrilling new discoveries with anybody in lieu of this. Ooh, I really hate work. Aah, I want to socialize more but I don't know how. Etc. We've been over this, and I'll talk about them again when we've got some new discoveries to record.

I did have a vaguely interesting Friday night, to be fair, but not that interesting that we need to spend several paragraphs describing it in dramatic, superlative laden detail. I might go to a concert or something this week, I haven't made my mind up yet. Shit costs money, man, it's ridiculous. I also should really, really probably get my hair cut this week, too, but the problem is I can imagine exactly the potential expense of that. I'm also a bit unsure of where I should go to get my hair done - either one or two places I've been before or somewhere entierly different. All things considered I'd rather just leave it, but I'm not talented enough with my hair to style it and not have it look ridiculous more than two out of seven times. Unfortunately

On a totally different topic, I'm pleased that we finally seem to be into spring without any further setbacks. Of course, having said that I completely expect to get at least one more dumping of snow before we're fully into April. Still, I'm pleased we seem to be passed the totally unnecessary amount of cold and snow we've had in the last two months. I like the winter and all, but temperatures below -20 are totally unnecessary, and the snow is only fun if I have something to do in it. Season change always gives a person a powerful, if brief, shot of excitement and encouragement to get going on whatever it is you want to do. Of course, I can't seem to make up my mind, so all it does is make me believe I can move in every direction at once. One of these days I'm hoping I actually do instead of remaining stationary, and that it provides a ridiculously good result.

I've been having some extremely strange dreams of late. Strange, perhaps, in that I can remember them, as I usually can't. But also just strange all on their own.

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