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Back Into Business (Just To Lose Money)

Another day, another crisis resolved. My Mac hath returned, and I am joyfully back to work, listening to the exact same songs I had on my iPod and fighting with my half-borked mighty mouse. Pretty cool.

Nothing of note has really taken place in the last week, outside of another horrible grade in math on account of somehow missing the entire last page of questions on my latest test. I've been told that, since I did so well up to that point, I probably deserved that. Jerks.

So after finding about about them sometime last week, I picked up a super cheap gym membership through Norquest the other day. I can think of a wide variety of ways this could fail spectacularly, but I've never followed any truly serious exercise regimen (I was doing pretty well up until my appendix blew up two years ago, and I'd like to think that's a decent excuse for not getting back into the swing of it,) so who knows. Come the summertime, I could be lean, mean, ripped, chiseled, buff and jacked, perhaps at my most shirtless ever.

To follow up briefly from some previous entries (I'm not really feeling a journal tonight, but I felt it necessary for posterity,) I was, indeed, smashing it up for hours come Monday evening. It took a lot of the edge off of losing my fucking Mac for a week. Although to be perfectly honest, I'm so used to randomly losing my computer for indeterminate amounts of time it doesn't bother me that much. Minus the initial blowup, anyway. I've still been meaning to do those album reviews I promised aeons ago, but I'm honestly not too sure whether or not they belong here. I've noticed that I kind of haphazardly go back and forth between exactly what I want this blog to be; I think that someone else had the right idea by having a "professional" blog and a mindless personal blog. I shall investigate this possibility more in the future.

Still feeling a greater and more overwhelming desire to be social than I can remember. Didn't really stimulate it that well last week. I think I can do better this time.

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