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Inadvertant Hiatus

So... I'm without a reliable computer again for up to ten days. Huzzah. In the midst of trying (and failing) to do a math assignment I had totally forgotten about at 4am this morning, the display of my iMac died. I thought that was pretty cool, seeing as how it's supposed to "just work" and all. I'll never win with computers.

Anyway, I spent about the next hour banging my head against my desk, as I was going to have neither my assignment, my computer or my sleep for the day, and eventually just decided to skip school somewhere around 6. Not exactly something I want to make a habit of (especially since they're what I would charitably describe as attendance nazis at NorQuest,) but I guess it's somewhat perversely more acceptable to miss a nothing day of school than miss a day of work. Urgh.

Anyway, I suppose updates for the next week+ might be either sporadic or non-existant, as the only reliable computer access I'll have is when I'm at school. I want to avoid using my stillborn PC as much as possible. I suppose it's not all bad - every time my computer goes down, I rediscover something I'd forgotten about, like video games or, god forbid, books.

Maybe I'll even get some of my homework done for a change.
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